DMARC External Validation

If you see this error, one of the "rua" or "ruf" email addresses in your report does not have a DNS TXT record verifying that they wish to receive DMARC reports for your domain.

If you want to send your DMARC reports to a domain other than the one that the record is for, then the recieving domain needs to configure a DNS record so that Email Serivce Providers know that the recipient is authorizing the the reports.

If your domain is and you want to send your reports to, then the recipient domain (in this case MxToolbox) needs to have a TXT DNS record

 which has the content


Note: This record is something that the recipient of your DMARC reports needs to configure. 

In the majority of cases the recipient domain will create a wild card record, which essentially means the domain is willing to receive DMARC reports for ANY domain. A wildcard record would look like this: 


 with a value of "