DMARC External Validation

If you see this error, one of the "rua" or "ruf" email addresses in your report does not have a DNS TXT record verifying that they wish to receive DMARC reports for your domain. If you want to send your DMARC reports to a domain other than the one that the record is for, then the recieving domain needs to configure a DNS record so that Email Serivce Providers know that the recipient is authorizing the the reports. (https://mxtoolbox...

Using BerryCast on websites

To create an embedded video URL, you have to add "/video-player" at the end of the URL of the video. Let's say you have this link: To be able to embed it, you would have to use that URL: And after that, you can just put that link into an iframe. Here is an example:

Hide table column or table row from logged out users

How can we hid a table row or a table column from not logged in Wordpress users? You can use TablePress plugin to achieve this for free (donation recommended!). End.

Disable archive pages in WP/WC

How can I disable products or any archive pages in WordPress / WooCommerce? Simply insert the code below into your functions.php theme file. function my_disable_archives_function() { /* Conditional checks examples: is_category() is_tag() is_date() is_author() is_tax() is_search() ... */ // Return a 404 for all archive types, except the my_custom_post_type archive. $post_types = array('my_custom_post_type'); if ( (is_archive() && !is_post_type_archive( $post_types )) ) { global $wp_query; $wp...

Test article

Test article title Test article paragraph.